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Name:Neal Caffrey
Birthdate:May 23, 1976
Location:United States of America
Website:'mun and muse are both over 18'
'mun and muse are both over 18'

Character Profile:

Neal Caffrey is the main character of White Collar. Charming, sexy and sophisticated, he is considered to be one of the world's greatest con artists.

Neal grew up in Witness Protection with Ellen. While in protection, his mother fell in love with another man and married. During that time, Neal was told his name was Cooper Anderson and he had a brother named Blaine Anderson. At the age of 18, he found out the truth about his life and he ran, never looking back.

Neal was an elusive White Collar criminal. After a three-year chase, he was eventually apprehended by FBI agent Peter Burke. Extremely crafty and cunning, Neal was only convicted of Bond Forgery, which was just one of the many crimes he was suspected of. With only four months left on his four-year prison sentence, Neal escapes prison after a visit from his girlfriend, Kate Moreau. He is found once more by Peter, in whom he confides that Kate had left him, and he left prison to get her back. To avoid staying in prison for another four years and to be able continue his search for Kate, Neal offers to help find the criminal Burke is hunting, as long as he can be released into Burke's custody. After being caught by Peter, Neal is allowed to serve his remaining four-year sentence on a work-release program as a consultant to the FBI.

Cooper Anderson is a guest starring character from Glee. Older brother to Blaine Anderson, he ran away when he was younger to become an actor. To Blaine, he was always the better son. In truth, Cooper had his own drama as well and that's why he ran. Neither of them are perfect people.

RP Timeline
Neal comes from the end of Season 3, with some things borrowed from season 4. Being set up by Kramer, Neal gets the nod from Peter and runs. Having nowhere else to turn, he runs back to Lima, Ohio, his home town. There's a whole life about him that Peter doesn't know. The life of Cooper Anderson. His witness name. Neal Caffrey is Cooper Anderson.

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